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InterPlan Systems Training Facility

Houston, TX, June 17, 2014 – InterPlan Systems today announced the inauguration of their permanent training facility located in Webster, Texas.

The facility includes computer workstations for up to eight participants per session for hands-on instruction. A variety of classes, seminars and workshops will be offered, including:

  • Planner/Scheduler courses, with Certification
  • Turnaround Management Bootcamp
  • ATC Professional Workshop
  • eTaskMaker Wizard Workshop
  • eTaskMaker Module Editor Workshop
  • eTaskMaker and ATC Professional Introduction Seminars (free)
  • STO Management Mythbuster for Executives

For details on class content, dates/schedule and pricing, please contact InterPlan Systems.

About InterPlan Systems Inc.
InterPlan Systems started out as a turnaround management consulting outfit in 1977. Since then, InterPlan Systems has developed several leading estimating, planning and project management software solutions specific to the oil refining and petrochemical processing industries.

For more information, visit or call +1.800.487.8589/+1.281.482.7126.

eTaskMaker Module Updates for June

InterPlan Systems has released the following updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Heat Exchangers – Fixed Tubesheet (Rev. 17)(updated) Improved some of the estimating calculations.
  • Reactor Catalyst Change (Rev. 10)(updated) Improved some of the estimating calculations.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.

eTaskMaker Module Updates for March

InterPlan Systems has released the following new eTaskMaker estimating module:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection(new) Allows for the fabrication and erection of structural steel (either wide flange or standard type).

eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.

Additionally, we are developing a cross reference table to facilitate translating eTaskMaker modules into Spanish. Interested parties should contact us for details.

Important Notice of Policy Change

Effective January 1, 2014, the policy relating to Maintenance and Support for eTaskMaker® and ATC Professional™ will change as follows:

Even though subscribing to the Maintenance and Support service is optional and can be discontinued at any time at the expiration of a paid period, if after lapsing for some time it becomes necessary to reactivate said service, then all previous time periods of interruption must be satisfied (plus the new period) before service can be reinstated at the current fee rate, which remains at ten percent of total (current) licensing fees.

We are confident that our many users in the petrochemical community will find it a fair way to contribute towards our development efforts that add continued value to our software and estimating data that returns increased benefits for a modest price.

eTaskMaker Module Updates for November

InterPlan Systems has released the following new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Contactor Reactor(new) For the inspection, repair and testing of a typical DuPont STRATCO Contactor Reactor consisting of a heat exchanger with a mixing head and injection nozzles.
  • Drums (Rev. 21)(updated) Now incorporates an option for manual cleaning (when the drum is easy to clean) and also includes tasks for covering up with a board a leg under the drum, for safety while other inspection and repairs are underway inside the drum.
  • Reactors (Rev. 13)(updated) Now includes an option to replace used ceramic balls with new ones.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.

InterPlan Systems Social Media

InterPlan Systems is entering the “social networking” scene. InterPlan Systems now has a home on Google+ and Twitter. So please follow our new accounts and be sure to +1 and share pages from our newly revamped web site. We appreciate your support!

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New Website Launched!

Today InterPlan Systems launches a complete makeover of their website – the first major update since was first launched over a decade ago. The revamped site has streamlined the navigation and improved the marketing focus.

In addition, the new site scales well for all devices – from desktop PCs to the latest tablets and smartphones. Now it’s easy to follow InterPlan News on your mobile device.

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