ATC Professional™

Project Management Software

ATC Professional™ is a project management system that was designed specifically for the unique demands of process industry (oil refinery, petrochemical plant, fertilizer plant, pulp & paper mill, power plant, etc.) turnarounds (shutdowns, I&Ts, revamps, debottlenecking projects, outages, etc.). ATC is an abbr for "Around The Clock" (because turnarounds are executed around the clock).

Turnaround Planning, Scheduling and Management

Generic project management software typically yields unsatisfactory results when used to schedule turnarounds. Turnarounds have unique characteristics that demand a turnaround specific approach to manage them. The unique characteristics and turnaround specific approach are both explained in the following resources:

ATC Professional addresses the unique project management needs of industrial plant STOs. It is a proactive system that is much more than just a Gantt chart program. ATC Professional incorporates procedures that involve the entire turnaround management team to promote ownership and visibility of the plan, and objectivity and communication in the reporting cycle. It encourages cooperation and allows all team members to contribute and succeed.

We invite you to read excerpts from our ATC Professional manuals:

Benefits of using ATC Professional

  • Develop realistic budgets with detailed cost estimate reports.
  • Ensure visibility, communication and ownership of the schedule. Timely, objective and complete progress reports at the beginning of every shift ensure that management has the right information to manage effectively.
  • Achieve tight, efficient, realistic schedules with Critical Path scheduling.
  • Realize the lowest execution cost of the schedule with effective resource management.
  • Avoid most common pitfalls that endanger time or budget goals with Critical Mass analysis.
  • Qualify field productivity and improve cost forecasting with the Earned Vs. Burned report.

What Our Clients Say

“We have used ATC for many years, and we can sincerely say that ATC has always proven very effective..”

Author Coastal Aruba Refining Manager, via letter

“The result has been faster, neater and more accurate turnaround schedules.”

Author Shell Chemical T/A Planner, quoted in Practical Lubrication and Maintenance regarding ATC Professional

“... we are very satisfied with the ATC program, which has changed, positively, programming and controlling of shutdowns at our plant.”

Author Texaco Manager, via letter

“Cosmar Styrene Plant has used ATC for four turnarounds. Each of these T/A’s, as viewed from the first line supervisors to managers, has been significantly better than previous T/A’s.”

Author Fina Chemical Turnaround Coordinator, via letter

“We have successfully implemented and used ATC for our recent Turnaround and have saved more than 2 days in the over all duration.”

Author SAFCO Maint. Planning Supdt., via letter

Our clients typically save 10-15% the first time they use ATC Professional. While we cannot guarantee such results due to the unpredictable nature of turnaround projects, we can guarantee that with ATC Professional, you will be in control and be able to manage all potential problems. With ATC Professional, a manager can prevent a $1M problem from becoming a $10M overrun.

ATC Professional consistently helps plants reduce costs and delays, start up ahead of schedule, and avoid many potentially critical problems.

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