eTaskMaker Wizard

The eTaskMaker® Wizard is very easy to use.  Be sure to enter "DEMO" as your user name at the registration prompt (after installation) to access the demo.  The demo includes an electronic help file that contains (from the table of contents):

  • Introduction
  • Tutorial
    • Generating an Estimate
    • Exporting an Estimate
    • Estimating Considerations
  • User Guide
    • Main Window
    • Resource Indexing Window
  • Reference
    • Exporting Considerations
    • InterPlan Systems' Contact Information
    • Frequently Asked Questions

The demo is provided for testing and evaluation.  We only include one planning module with the demo for these purposes.  The full registered version is bundled with all available planning modules.

The demo consists of a setup application that will install the eTaskMaker Wizard demo software and register the .eTM file extension.  The setup includes an uninstaller for removing the software when you are finished evaluating the system.

The eTaskMaker Wizard demo is based upon the seat licensed version of the software and is designed for single PC (or workstation) installation and use.  It is not warranted or supported for network installations.  We do offer an enterprise (corporate wide) licensed version of the eTaskMaker Wizard that is designed for unrestricted use on your company network.  Contact us for more details on enterprise licensing.

Download the eTaskMaker Wizard demo.

The eTaskMaker Wizard is only half of the system! The eTaskMaker Module Editor allows you to edit or create modules.

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