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Cost Reports Are Now Available for eTaskMaker

One of the biggest questions we get from inquiries regarding our eTaskMaker project planning software is about the generation of cost estimate reports. Since eTaskMaker generates resource loaded schedules, but does not capture or calculate rates and cost information, cost reports need to be generated by a third party application.

Labor rates can be loaded into your project scheduling software (or Microsoft Office Excel) to generate cost reports. However, our clients tell us that generating turnaround cost reports from general purpose project management systems is not an elegant solution.

Announcing the ATC Professional Demo for eTaskMaker Cost Reporting

Effective immediately, all eTaskMaker clients may download an ATC Professional demo from the eTaskMaker software downloads repository. The ATC Professional demo is a scheduling crippled version of the full ATC Professional Shutdown / Turnaround Management System. It does not allow you to save any schedule modifications.

However, the ATC Professional demo allows eTaskMaker clients to capture eTaskMaker generated plans and generate standard ATC Professional scope and estimate reports including:

  • Bid Package – Generate worksheets for lump sum contract bid packages highlighting the planned work scope in a worksheet format for contractors to use in preparing their bids
  • Work Order Manhour Summary – Offers a summary view of estimated manhours by work order
  • Work Order Cost – Detailed cost estimate for individual work orders
  • Executive Summary – Seven section cost estimate that breaks down total estimated costs for a turnaround, unit or A.F.E.
  • Manhour Breakdown – Analyze manhour totals by a number of sort codes including equipment type, unit/area, AFE and supervisor