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Promoting Excellence in Turnaround Management Since 1977

InterPlan Systems offers effective solutions for estimating, planning, scheduling and managing projects and maintenance Shutdowns / Turnarounds / Outages (STO) for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and pulp & paper mills.

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White Papers

  • eTaskMaker Vs. Templates

    eTaskMaker Vs. Templates

    Which is better for standardizing best practice norms for planning and estimating?

  • Refining the Project Planning Process

    Refining the Project Planning Process

    Discusses the evolution of the planning process

  • Cost Estimating and Project Planning

    Cost Estimating and Project Planning

    Explore how to achieve a 1-1 correspondence

  • Improving Estimating Quality

    Improving Estimating Quality

    Best practices for improving norms and standardization

  • Turnarounds Vs. Projects

    Turnarounds Vs. Projects

    10 Major differences

  • Critical Path Method Schedules

    Critical Path Method Schedules

    Communication is key. What are your schedules telling you?

  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

    An important metric for measuring progress

  • Resource Leveling Vs. Critical Mass

    Resource Leveling Vs. Critical Mass

    Key differences in the approach to manage resource progress

  • Summary Progress Curves

    Summary Progress Curves

    What is your measuring stick made of?

  • Project Templates Vs. eTaskMaker Modules

    Project Templates Vs. eTaskMaker Modules

    Compare the pros and cons of each approach

What Our Clients Say

“We have used ATC for many years, and we can sincerely say that ATC has always proven very effective..”

Author Coastal Aruba Refining Manager, via letter

“... I would like to inform you that I am using eTaskMaker in ADGAS and achieved a good results in man-hour estimation especially during plant shutdown. ...”

Author Lead Planning Engineer (TA), ADGAS, via email

“The result has been faster, neater and more accurate turnaround schedules.”

Author Shell Chemical T/A Planner, quoted in Practical Lubrication and Maintenance regarding ATC Professional

“... we’re always striving for continuous improvement. And anytime we can improve our efficiencies through software, that’s the route we continue to take.”

Author Syngenta Manager, quoted in PM Network magazine regarding eTaskMaker

“... we are very satisfied with the ATC program, which has changed, positively, programming and controlling of shutdowns at our plant.”

Author Texaco Manager, via letter

“Cosmar Styrene Plant has used ATC for four turnarounds. Each of these T/A’s, as viewed from the first line supervisors to managers, has been significantly better than previous T/A’s.”

Author Fina Chemical Turnaround Coordinator, via letter

“... By the way, this is the first ocassion I did so much test driving of the eTaskMaker. My enthousiasm with it is growing ...”

Author Shutdown Management Consultant, via email

“We have successfully implemented and used ATC for our recent Turnaround and have saved more than 2 days in the over all duration.”

Author SAFCO Maint. Planning Supdt., via letter

Our Clients Include

  • BASF
  • BP
  • Chevron Phillips
  • P66
  • Du Pont
  • ExxonMobile
  • Marathon
  • Petro-Canada
  • Qatar Petroleum
  • Repcon
  • Shell
  • Suncor
  • Total
  • Valero