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The Conceptual Cost Estimator™ is a high level estimating system for new grassroots process plant construction projects such as refineries and various types of chemical plants with an accuracy range of plus or minus ten percent.

Conceptual estimating is a special technique based on the study of historical project cost factors and has proven to be an effective method for obtaining rapid estimates for project feasibility studies and budgeting.

The Conceptual Cost Estimator™ will prepare your estimates in seconds rather than days (as with manual methods). Estimates may be saved and customized at any time or exported in a variety of formats (including Microsoft Excel).

The software’s simplicity of use belies its sophistication. By entering the total equipment cost, the Conceptual Cost Estimator™ will instantly calculate a five page estimate covering:

  • Direct field costs
  • Construction equipment costs
  • Overhead and indirect costs
  • Home office services
  • Total estimate cost summary

The estimating data are grouped into six different plant categories:

  1. Oil refineries
  2. Liquid-type chemical plants
  3. Solid-type chemical plants
  4. Liquid/solid-type chemical plants
  5. Liquid-high-pressure-type chemical plants
  6. Liquid-high-alloy-type chemical plants

The calculations are based upon the experience and extensive database of one of the leading estimators in the United States. John Page’s The Conceptual Cost Estimating Manual is the standard reference for estimators worldwide, and this software puts Page’s expertise at your fingertips.

Note – The original Conceptual Cost Estimator™ software was developed in cooperation with (and tested by) John Page.

Anyone charged with the task of preparing estimates will save time and money with the speed and accuracy of the Conceptual Cost Estimator™.

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