eTaskMaker FAQs

Who can use eTaskMaker®? Is eTaskMaker® right for us?

Everyone who estimates, plans and schedules projects with a repetitive scope (like maintenance projects / overhauls) can take advantage of eTaskMaker to standardize estimating output across an organization, capture best practices in planning and improve estimating norms over time. eTaskMaker is especially useful for revamps, debottlenecking projects, I&T’s (Inspection and Testing), shutdowns, emergency outages, etc. in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, shipyards, etc.

We’ve got a lot of data already prepared in templates. What value would we see in using eTaskMaker®?

Improved productivity and quality. Templates require manual editing for re-use (adding & deleting tasks, adjusting time, resources and schedule logic). eTaskMaker prepares customized estimates dynamically in a fraction of the time it would take to edit a template while reducing the potential for errors.

Can I save all of my templates in eTaskMaker®?

Yes. You can save and organize all of your templates for easy retrieval and use.

We’re already using another estimating system. How is eTaskMaker® different or better?

Chances are your estimating package only produces cost estimates. eTaskMaker estimates detailed resource loaded tasks suitable for critical path scheduling and tracking project execution. Also, the eTaskMaker Module Editor allows you to customize existing modules or create your own.

Can I adjust or customize the estimates for my local conditions?

Yes. You have several options for customizing eTaskMaker estimates. You can make permanent customizations / adjustments to the estimating modules with the eTaskMaker Module Editor, or, after generating an estimate with the eTaskMaker Wizard, you can make global productivity adjustments or more granular changes directly in the estimate display before exporting. Of course, you can always edit estimates in your project scheduling software after exporting them from eTaskMaker®.

What are the estimating norms in the eTaskMaker modules based upon?

The estimating norms in our estimating modules are based upon our field experience with several decades of turnaround planning, productivity sampling and historical records. The maritime / ship inspection and repair modules are based in part on Don Butler’s Guide to Ship Repair Estimates.

Can I export an estimate multiple times?

Yes. You can export an estimate multiple times to different target platforms (SAP and Excel for example) or to the same platform with different header information (E-101A, E-101B, etc. for example).

Can we use eTaskMaker® for daily maintenance?

Yes. It is easy to create plans for routine maintenance and inspection activities.

Can I export my estimates to SAP?

Yes, provided you have the integration BAPI installed on your SAP server.

Can eTaskMaker® be used for engineering and construction projects?

Yes. We have several engineering and construction modules already available.

Do we have to revise/change the resource codes in every module so they will agree with our codes?

No! Resource codes in eTaskMaker can be mapped (indexed) to your codes when exporting. eTaskMaker will remember the resource mapping for subsequent uses so you only need to define mappings once per estimating module.

Is my company’s estimating expertise secure in the eTaskMaker software?

Yes. We assign a serial number for licenses to every company. Any modules that you create or modify have your company’s serial number encrypted in it. Only instances of eTaskMaker licensed to your company (with a matching serial number) can open and use your modules.

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