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ATC Professional Updates

A new update for ATC Professional is now available. This update includes:

  • Enhanced Summary Bar Chart Report – You can now summarize the Bar Chart report by any of the work order level coding fields (Unit/Area, Equipment, AFE or Supervisors). The new summarizing options are available by using the “Zoom” toolbar button.
  • Excel Data Import – The “Import from SAP” option imports work order data from Excel formatted files. This feature has been expanded to allow importation of all ATC work order level coding fields. Details have been included in the Import from SAP.txt documentation.
  • Excel Data Import – Fixed an issue that truncated data prematurely during an import of a large data set.

New eTaskMaker Module

InterPlan Systems has released the following new eTaskMaker estimating module:

  • Heat Exchangers – Steam Sparged Water Bath Vaporizer(new) This heat exchanger module is based on the Linde lox backup vaporizer design, that consists of a U-tube exchanger with a second bundle that consists of three u-tube (hairpin) tubes.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.

Don’t waste your 2018 budgets

As we approach the end of the year, InterPlan Systems would like to remind managers with funds remaining in their 2018 budgets that we offer a range of useful tools for their organizations. This is a great time to pick up a few eTaskMaker licenses or STO Handbooks.

Preventable Turnaround Budget Overruns

Now available: a study that reveals the nature and causes of turnaround budget overruns. There are two main categories: preventable (or avoidable), and non-avoidable. The study reveals the causes of a substantial portion of budget overruns, and points to a solution, which can be implemented easily and quickly.

So many failed turnaround “post-mortems” aka “lessons learned” fail to identify the root causes of budget overruns. This is because there is a
reliance on traditional practices, that fail to address the true nature of cost control. Doing the same thing over and over again every
turnaround will guarantee disastrous result.

Our documents will shed light on this problem and point to proven solutions. They are free for the asking. Contact us today by email or phone: 281-482-7126.

eTaskMaker Module Update for August

InterPlan Systems has released the following new eTaskMaker estimating module:

  • Cooling Tower Louvers Replacement(new – Heat Exchangers folder) Covers the removal of old/damaged louvers on a cooling tower and replacing them with new, fiberglass reinforced plastic ones. The module also includes the necessary tasks for asbestos abatement, if necessary. Note that the removal/installation process assumes the use of a special manlift. If scaffolding is to be used, the scaffolding estimates should be created separately using the scaffolding estimating module; then make any necessary editing to the estimate to remove the references to the manlift.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.

Conceptual Cost Estimator version

InterPlan Systems announces an update for the Conceptual Cost Estimator (CCE) that includes an enhancement to the estimating worksheet. CCE now allows users to enter comments in the estimating worksheet to keep track of details pertinent to an estimate. The new, enhanced CCE is available now.

eTaskMaker Module Updates for May

InterPlan Systems has released the following new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • AG Centrifugal Pump Installation (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Bolt Tightening Test(new)
  • Broken Bolts-Studs-Keys Removal (Metal Disintegration Method (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Cable Tray (Standard, Metal Ladder Type) Installation (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Centrifuge (Rev. 5)(updated)
  • Channel Head Belzona Repairs (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Chemical Cleaning of Unit (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Converter Bottle Catalyst Change & Inspection (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Conveyors Feeder Screw (Rev. 5)(updated)
  • Conveyors Open Belt (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Electrical Conduit Re-routing (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Electric Motor Starters & Push Buttons (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Elevator (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Equipment Procurement – Fabricated(new)
  • Equipment Procurement – Rotating Equipment(new)
  • Equipment Procurement – Stock Item(new)
  • Flare Header(new)
  • Flange Machining(new)
  • Floodwater Damage Recovery(new)
  • Foundation – Storage Tank(new)
  • Fugitive Emissions Identification (Pre-Turnaround) (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger U-Tubes – Bolting Update(new)
  • High Voltage Insulator Cleaning & Coating (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Injection Quill Installation (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Instruments Pneumatic – Field Service (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Insulator Cleaning & Coating(new)
  • Manway Opening (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Nuclear Level Calibration (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Orifice Flanges (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Orifice Plates (Rev. 7)(updated)
  • Pipe Insulation – Eslin(new)
  • Piping – Flare Line Replacement (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Plastic Pipe (Erection Underground)(new)
  • Retube Floating Head Tube Bundle (rev. 2)(updated)
  • Scaffold Dismantling (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Scaffold Erection (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Scrubbers (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Site Plan Development(new)
  • Transformer – Pole Mounted (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Transformer Radiator Gasket Replacement (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Transformer Radiator Leak Repairs (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Traveling Water Screen (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • TSA & TSZ Spray Coating Corrosion Control (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • UHP Water Jet Cutting (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Unit Shutdown(new)
  • Underground Pipe (Cast iron – Concrete – PVC)(new)
  • Vessel Cladding Overlay (Automatic) (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Welding Shelters & Wind Breaks (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Work Force Mobilization (Rev. 1)(updated)

Additionally, eTaskMaker modules have now been organized into folders. eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.

eTaskMaker Vs. Templates

InterPlan Systems has published a new white paper that looks at the relative strengths of eTaskMaker vs. a template manager in helping an organization achieve standardization of best practices in planning and estimating for STOs (turnarounds, I&Ts (inspection & testing), shutdowns, emergency outages, debottlenecking projects, revamps, catalyst regeneration, etc.). The new white paper can be found here:

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