ATC Professional FAQs

We are already using a project management program. Why should we use ATC Professional™?

Turnarounds have unique demands that project management programs were not designed to address. They require software that supports a turnaround specific project management methodology. ATC Professional is the only project management software designed from inception to facilitate an STO specific management methodology.

What is the main value of using ATC Professional™?

Control. With ATC Professional™ you will ensure visibility, communication and ownership of the schedule. Timely, objective and complete progress reports at the beginning of every shift ensure that management has the right information to manage effectively.

How large a turnaround can I plan with ATC Professional™?

There is no software limitation to the data set that you can build. ATC Professional™ was designed to make managing large, detailed schedules practical.

Is ATC Professional™ easy to learn and operate?

Yes. On average, ATC Professional™ takes about two to three days to learn.

Can I import Microsoft Project and Primavera P3 schedules into ATC Pro?

Yes. Just export your schedules into .MPX or Excel files and you can then import them into ATC Pro.

Is a demo available for evaluation?

Yes, for qualified inquiries. Contact us right now to evaluate ATC Professional™ for yourself.

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