Project Scheduling Software - eTaskMaker Module Editor

The eTaskMaker® Module Editor offers a new dynamic in project scheduling software.  Now you can create dynamic "super templates" that encompass multiple scenarios and conditions.  eTaskMaker modules can model the thought process for estimating, planning and scheduling any type of repetitive project scope.

The eTaskMaker Module Editor employs an intuitive flowcharting mechanism for laying out the decision tree (see the screenshots below).  Using a combination of:

  • decision tree nodes
  • variables (quantities or dimensions)
  • tasks

you have the utmost flexibility to schedule all desired scenarios.

Task durations and resource assignments are defined as formulas (using your defined variables).  The eTaskMaker Wizard evaluates these formulas dynamically according to the planner's input.  eTaskMaker modules can calculate very sophisticated estimates.

eTaskMaker modules secure and protect your estimating, planning and scheduling knowledge base as well.  Every module created or edited with your eTaskMaker Module Editor is encrypted with your company's serial number.  They can only be used by your company's licensed eTaskMaker Wizards (with corresponding serial numbers).  This offers a better solution than static project templates for protecting proprietary estimating, planning and scheduling data from being copied for unauthorized use.

The eTaskMaker Module Editor is the key tool for developing a dynamic, customizable, secure, platform independent project scheduling solution. Contact us today to learn how eTaskMaker can work for you.


  • Standardize project planning and estimating quality
  • Increase productivity
    • No more deleting unnecessary tasks from project templates
    • No more inserting missing tasks from project templates
    • No more customizing project template schedule logic
    • No more adjusting project template durations / resources
  • Achieve platform independence with your estimating database
  • Secure your company’s estimating expertise:
    • Before key personnel retire
    • Capture your best practices

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