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Guide to Ship Repair Estimates

Mr. Don Butler wrote this book based upon more than twenty years of experience in the repair field. He is a holder of the DTI Combined first class Engineers Certificate of competency for steam and motor ships and a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers (F.I.Mar.E). He is also a Member of the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors (M.C.M.S).

Mr. Butler's book provides useful manhour tables for estimating many facets of ship repair work. He also does a good job of explaining the many variables that must be taken into account when estimating marine/shipyard repair work.

InterPlan Systems has developed numerous estimating modules for the eTaskMaker project planning system based in part upon the information in this book. We recommend it as a solid reference book for all planning and estimating professionals in the marine/shipyard repair industry.

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