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STO Management Bootcamp course in August

Houston, TX, July 31, 2014 – InterPlan Systems today announced a three day STO Management Bootcamp course from August 20th to the 22nd. The Bootcamp covers the following topics:

  • Organizing the STO; Information, communication, work scope development, budgets. Estimating, planning and scheduling, resource hiring levels determination. Productivity and contingency. Brief demonstration of STO estimating, planning and scheduling software.
  • Day to day scheduling, feedback and updating. Progress evaluation, Critical Path and Critical Mass. KPI (progress curve analysis). Typical problems to avoid that cause abandonment of the schedule and erroneous progress reporting.
  • Information needs at different levels in the STO organization. Motivating and de-motivating factors. Reporting to upper management, conflict resolution, documentation. Avoiding delays caused by interference from management. Substantiating deviations from the budget.
  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, and eTaskMaker plus ATC Professional User Manuals, plus demo disc, plus Dick Ertl’s STO Planning Handbook, STO Planning Resources and the STO Manager’s Handbook.

The STO Management Bootcamp course will be held at InterPlan’s training facility located in Webster, Texas. For further details on the class, pricing, or to register, please contact InterPlan Systems.

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InterPlan Systems started out as a turnaround management consulting outfit in 1977. Since then, InterPlan Systems has developed several leading estimating, planning and project management software solutions specific to the oil refining and petrochemical processing industries.

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