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InterPlan Systems now offers a wide range of white papers on the most important issues concerning turnaround management. These white papers
are available just for the asking. Send us your request and you will receive them in .pdf format.

Available titles are:

Best Turnaround Planning and Scheduling Practices
Brains into Mushrooms
Comparison Chart STO Planning & Scheduling
Do NOT Use Templates
Errare Humanum Est
Estimate Results
Faster Better Cheaper
How Resource Leveling Sabotages Your Turnaround
How to Overcome Typical STO Management Problems
Lumberyard Estimating
Pie Chart eTM & ATC
PM Network Article (magazine reprint)
Productivity Pie Chart
Turnarounds and the Pursuit of Happiness
STO Cost Control
STOs are Special
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Screwing Up Turnarounds.
Turnaround No-Nos (Advice for Executives)
When the Blind are Leading the Blind

We welcome your comments after perusing our white papers!