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InterPlan Systems Launches eTaskMaker® and SAP® R/3 Integration

Houston, TX, February 7, 2007 — InterPlan Systems today announced a new integration between their eTaskMaker project planning software and SAP R/3 (PM module). Available as a SAP BAPI application, the integration offers SAP PM users a practical means to standardizing and improving best practices in estimating, planning and scheduling facility maintenance projects.

eTaskMaker is a leading industry solution for estimating, planning and scheduling shutdown/turnaround projects. It is composed of two parts – one that captures best practices in planning and estimating in a unique knowledge base and another that generates tailored resource loaded schedule fragnets from the knowledge base, based upon planner supplied parameters, for export to leading project management systems.

SAP R/3 is an industry leading enterprise resource planning application. SAP R/3’s PM module functions as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and is used to plan and schedule ongoing, daily facility maintenance.

The new eTaskMaker and SAP R/3 integrated solution allows planners to estimate and plan facility maintenance work in eTaskMaker and seamlessly export the plans into SAP R/3’s PM module. Exported plans include resource requirements and scheduling logic – saving planners the time and burden of navigating SAP PM’s scheduling interface.

“SAP PM clients, like oil refineries, chemical and power generation plants, and pulp and paper mills, realize the benefits of SAP’s integrated approach to organizing and managing their business, including daily facility maintenance. Our eTaskMaker integration expands the benefits of standardized estimating and planning according to corporate best practices from the turnaround maintenance business, which is typically separate from the daily maintenance function, to the whole maintenance organization.” said Bernard Ertl, Vice President of InterPlan Systems. “SAP PM clients can now leverage cutting edge technology for greater efficiencies and quality, affording them a significant competitive advantage.”

About SAP AG
SAP is the largest software company in Europe and the third largest in the world. The company offers an industry leading enterprise resource planning application to help companies organize, manage and improve their business processes.

About InterPlan Systems Inc.
InterPlan Systems started out as a turnaround management consulting outfit in 1977. Since then, InterPlan Systems has developed several leading estimating, planning and project management software solutions specific to the oil refining and petrochemical processing industries.

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