Applying PMBOK to Manage Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages


Turnarounds are very challenging and dynamic high performance projects. They have many unique characteristics that differentiate them from other types of projects. The EPC centric approach to project management does not work very well for managing turnarounds.

It is hoped that this document may spark some consideration for employing a turnaround specific methodology to managing turnarounds. Considering the stakes, it is high time for industry to raise the bar in the maturity of their turnaround management methodology.

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Authored by Bernard Ertl, Vice President, InterPlan Systems

Bernard Ertl has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and extensive field experience planning and managing turnarounds in the oil refining and petrochemical process industries.

Applying PMBOK to Manage Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages was also published in Maintenance and Asset Management Journal Vol 20, No 3, Autumn 2005.