Turnaround Project Planning Primer

Work Order Tasks

Work order scopes are defined in activities or tasks, which are the individual steps that are required from start to completion, regardless of who is responsible for their execution, whether they are productive or not. That non-productive activities must also be included where required should not be overlooked.

Non-productive activities can impact the schedule without contributing to the manhour estimate. For example:

  • Cool down / gas free
  • Refractory curing time
  • Concrete curing time

Non-productive activities can also contribute to the manhour estimate without any significant impact on the schedule. For example:

  • Mobilize crane
  • Demobilize crane
  • Set up catalyst handling equipment
  • Transport bundle to cleaning area
  • Set up dust/runoff containment barriers
  • Haul debris to scrap yard
  • Clean up area

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The Turnaround Project Planning Primer is an abridged version of the STO Planning Handbook.

For further reading, we also recommend Joel Levitt’s Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages.