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eTaskMaker Module Updates for September

InterPlan Systems has released the following new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Equipment Procurement – Fabricated(new) This module is for the sizing, specification, procurement, fabrication and delivery of fabricated equipment such as vessels and drums. Users must review all durations and update to current delivery conditions.
  • Equipment Procurement – Rotating Equipment(new) This module allows the preparation of estimates for the specification, procurement and delivery of rotating equipment, such as pumps, blowers and compressors. Users must review all durations and update to current delivery conditions.
  • Equipment Foundation Drawings(new) For estimating the effort related to the preparation of drawings and bill of materials needed for equipment foundations, such as pumps, compressors, vessels, towers or furnaces.
  • Expansion Joint(new) Plans the inspection, repair/overhaul or replacement of an expansion joint. It also allows for the repairs to be made in situ, at the plant shop or an outside (vendor) shop. Different types of expansion joints are available, different metallurgies, and also refractory lined expansion joints.
  • Floodwater Damage Recovery(new) Clean and decontaminate a process area after it has suffered water damage by flooding.
  • Heat Exchanger Erection(new) Plans the field installation of a new heat exchanger on a foundation.
  • Heat Exchangers – U-Tubes (Rev. 16)(updated) Allows for sending the tube bundle to an outside shop for cleaning, plus it allows specifying the number of fire suppressant rings to remove/reinstall.
  • Site Plan Development(new) covers the surveying, soil analysis, site plans and permits necessary for a new industrial site development, prior to the preparation of the foundation design and drawings.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.