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eTaskMaker Module Updates for December

Many eTaskMaker estimating modules created and/or revised for this update contain productivity adjustment factors. There are now four (4) different kind of productivity (loss) adjustments possible:

  • UNIT ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD CONDITIONS – Productivity adjustments can be made for work in a process unit where environmental hazard conditions require extreme safety measures such as the wearing of protective gear, SCBA, etc.
  • HEAT STRESS – Heat stress, usually occurring in confined spaces such as inside vessels, towers, etc. (unless they have been air-conditioned or sufficiently ventilated). Also, high humidity combined with high temperatures contributes to make the enclosed work space uncomfortable, and therefore conducive to productivity impacts. The heat stress productivity factor adjustment only influences the task durations, for internal vessel work. Work that occurs outside the vessel are not affected.
  • PRODUCTIVITY LOSS – Productivity loss, associated with insufficient worker’s training and/or experience, can be adjusted for certain key crafts. Key crafts are those that directly affect the execution of some work. Typical key crafts include Boilermakers, Pipefitters, Mechanics, Welders (even though it may be possible to adjust the productivity factor for other crafts, such as Insulators, for instance, where this craft is the main workforce in charge of a particular task).
  • GLOBAL PRODUCTIVITY ADJUSTMENT – This is the option built in to the eTaskMaker software and is available for all modules. A global productivity adjustment affecting all tasks can be made after the estimate has been completed and is ready for export.

InterPlan Systems has released the following new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Coalescer – Horizontal (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Converter Bottle Basket Repairs (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Converter Bottle Catalyst Change and Inspection (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Crystallizer (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Heat Exchangers – Fixed Tubesheet (Rev. 11)(updated)
  • Heat Exchangers – Floating Head (Rev. 13)(updated)
  • Heat Exchangers – Reboiler (Rev. 7)(updated)
  • Heat Exchangers – Vertical (Rev. 12)(updated)
  • Reformer Furnace – Open and Close (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Tower Tray Work (Rev. 5)(updated)
  • Tower – Diesel Stripper (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Tower – Product Stripper (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Tower – Vacuum Flasher (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Towers – VB Bubble(new)

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.