InterPlan Systems News

eTaskMaker Module Updates for November

InterPlan Systems has released the following new eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Agitators (Rev. 7)(updated) Added tasks for draining and refilling oil in gearboxes.
  • Cooling Towers (Rev. 3)(updated) This module has been totally redone, offering a much greater level of detail for all major components. Two type of cooling towers are now included: crossflow and counterflow.
  • Gearbox – Service(new) Allows for servicing gearboxes either in situ, at the plant shop or at a vendor shop.
  • Pipe – Aluminum – Shop Fabrication(new) Allows for the shop fabrication of aluminum piping (no X-ray, hardness test or heat treatment included).
  • Pipe – Small Diameter Welded – Field Erection(new) Allows for the field erection of small bore welded piping (including different metallurgies). Pipe diameters available are 1/2in, 3/4in, 1in, 1.5in and 2in.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.