InterPlan Systems News

eTaskMaker Module Updates for July

InterPlan Systems has released the following updated and new eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Block Valves – Welded (Rev. 18)(updated) Improved estimating formula for SS welding repairs.
  • Cable Rejuvenation(new) Underground cable rejuvenation is a viable alternative to cable replacement, potentially extending cable life for another 40 years of service. The present module has been developed with assistance of Novinium Inc. It allows for the rejuvenation of different sizes and lengths of underground cable.
  • Control Valve (Rev. 13)(updated) Contains several enhancements including:
    • Removal of C/V with either a crane or a chainfall
    • Specify time frame for outside shop repair
    • Estimating formula improvements
  • Flanges (BM) (Rev. 8)(updated) Offers more detailed options for x-ray testing.
  • Flanges (PF) (Rev. 8)(updated) Offers more detailed options for x-ray testing.
  • Heat Exchangers – U-Tubes (Rev. 20)(updated) Now allows for specifying how many tubes can be cleaned (hydroblasted) simultaneously, significantly reducing the time required to clean the bundle.
  • Pipe Clamp Installation(new) Covers fabricating and installing a pipe
    clamp over damaged piping.
  • Pipe Clamps Removal & Repair Piping (Rev. 3)(updated) Improves productivity factor adjustments for key crafts. Also, the module has been renamed from just “Pipe Clamps” to better identify its purpose.
  • Repair Damaged Gasket Surface on Manways (Rev. 3)(updated) Now includes a mobile crane and its operator for handling the machining rig.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.