InterPlan Systems News

eTaskMaker Module Updates for April

InterPlan Systems has released the following updated and new eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Block Valves – Bolted (Rev. 22)(updated) Fixed small error in the flow chart logic.
  • Block Valves – Welded (Rev. 19)(updated) Fixed small error in the flow chart logic.
  • Heat Exchangers – U-Tubes (Rev. 23)(updated) Now provides option for WFMP (Wet Fluoroscopic Magnetic Particle) testing of tubes after cleaning.
  • Hot Taps (Rev. 5)(updated) Revision now incorporates the utilization of a crane plus operator to assist with the installation of a flange on the piping to be hot tapped. Also, different metallurgies are being considered, and the provision for a welding shelter / wind break.
  • Nozzle Replacement on Drum (Rev. 6)(updated) Now considers different metallurgies in addition to carbon steel.
  • Pipe Clamps Removal and Repair Piping (Rev. 4)(updated) Improved logic flow of the work process.
  • Tower Tray Work (Rev. 6)(updated) Improved estimating formulas.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.