InterPlan Systems News

eTaskMaker Module Updates for September

InterPlan Systems has released the following updated and new eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Control Valve (Rev. 15)(updated) Updates some task descriptions and includes a new task for stroking the valve.
  • Electric Motor Overhaul (Rev. 7)(updated) Allows for specifying the level of difficulty in removing an electric motor for shop repairs.
  • Expansion Joint (Rev. 4)(updated) Allows for specifying the refractory cure time (depending upon the type of refractory used).
  • F.C.C. Regenerator Flue Gas Line Repairs (Rev. 4)(updated) Improved estimating formulas.
  • F.C.C. Trickle Valves (Rev. 4)(updated) Allows to specify the number of trickle valves to be inspected/repaired.
  • HP Steam Superheater(new) Includes cleaning out, inspecting and repairing refractory in a HP Steam Superheater.
  • Pipe – Field Erection (Rev. 16)(updated) Allows for the installation of both block and/or control valves, and improves tasks definitions.
  • Piping Demolition (Above Ground) (Rev. 3)(updated) Improved estimating formulas.
  • Pumps – Centrifugal – Shop Repairs (Rev. 11)(updated) Allows for specifying the level of difficulty in removing a centrifugal pump for shop repairs, and improves the task definitions.
  • Refractory Repairs (Rev. 4)(updated) Improved task definition.
  • Refrig Compressor Turbine Press Case Overhaul(new) Covers disassembly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly of a compressor driven turbine pressure case.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.