InterPlan Systems News

New and Updated eTaskMaker Modules Available

InterPlan Systems has released new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules:

  • Desalter Feed Water Drum (Rev.1)(updated) Major overhaul includes additional details, improved estimating
    formulas and adjusted resource assignments.
  • Drums (Rev. 5)(updated) – Updated definition/estimates for scaffolding and blinding.
  • Electric Motor Overhaul(new) – Covers typical shop maintenance during turnarounds.
  • Fired Heater Tubes Decoking(new) – Includes scenarios for water jetting or turbining.
  • Furnace – Open and Close (Rev. 2)(updated) – Updated scaffolding estimates.
  • Furnace Radiant Section Refractory Repairs (Rev. 1)(updated) – Updated definition/estimates for refractory repairs.
  • Heat Exchangers – Floating Head (Rev. 4)(updated) – Major update includes new options for pulling the bundle with steam, and air/eddy current/visual inspection of the bundle.
  • Heat Exchangers – U-Tube (Rev. 7)(updated) – Major update includes new options for pulling the bundle with steam, and air/eddy current/visual inspection of the bundle.
  • High Temperature Shift Converter (Rev. 1)(updated) – Major update including new scenarios and improved estimating formulas.
  • Level Controller (Rev. 2)(updated) – Updated the PDM schedule logic for exported tasks.
  • Orifice Flanges(new) – Replace orifice flanges in a line.
  • Orifice Plates (Rev. 4)(updated) – Minor updates to the definition/estimates.
  • Pipe – Field Erection (Rev. 2)(updated) – Updated welding estimates for different metallurgies.
  • Reactors (Rev. 4)(updated) – Major overhaul includes updated schedule logic, scaffolding options, estimating formulas and modularization.
  • Reformer Furnace – Catalyst Tubes Pigtails Renewal(new) – Just what the name implies.
  • Strainers (Rev. 1)(updated) – Includes options for including/excluding blinding and updated estimating formulas.
  • Tanks (Rev. 3)(updated) – Major revision includes different methods of inspecting the tank floor and floor seams, updated cleaning and repair estimates.
  • Thermowells(new) – Replacement of thermocouple and thermowell.
  • Towers (Rev. 7)(updated) – Minor update to crew assignments.
  • Vessel Cladding Repairs (Rev. 1)(updated) – Updated definition/estimates.
  • Vessel Demisting Pads (Rev. 2)(updated) – Updated task descriptions and crew assignments.
  • Vessel Erection (Rev. 3)(updated) – Major revision incorporates most major components of a process vessel, better definition of scaffolding, and improved duration formulas.
  • Waste Heat Boiler (Rev. 1)(updated) – Major revision includes more scenarios and better scope definition.

eTaskMaker clients may now download the updates from our downloads repository.