InterPlan Systems News

eTaskMaker Module Updates for April

InterPlan Systems has released the following new and updated eTaskMaker estimating modules (the revisions consist mainly in the addition of tasks that allow the tracking and documentation of equipment release from Operations. Also, QA/QC tasks have been added as an important step in releasing the equipment back for start-up.):

  • Agitators (Rev. 10)(updated)
  • BFW Preheater (Rev. 3)(updated)
  • Blowers (Rev. 8)(updated)
  • Compressor Motor (Rev. 5)(updated)
  • Contactor Reactor (Rev. 1)(updated)
  • Cooling Tower (Rev. 5)(updated)
  • Crude Furnace (Rev. 8)(updated)
  • Desalter Feed Water Drum (Rev. 10)(updated)
  • Drums (Rev. 22)(updated)
  • FCC Reactor (Rev. 7)(updated)
  • FCC Regenerator (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Four Stage Piston Compressor (Rev. 2)(updated)
  • Furnace Decoking (Rev. 4)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger Double Pipe (Rev. 11)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger Fixed Tubesheet (Rev. 18)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger Floating Head (Rev. 18)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger Reboiler – Vaporizer (Rev. 9)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger U-Tubes (Rev. 32)(updated)
  • Heat Exchanger Vertical (Rev. 16)(updated)
  • High Temperature Shift Converter (Rev. 6)(updated)
  • Horizontal Multi-Stage Compressor (Rev. 1)(new) Open, clean and inspect
  • NH3 Process Compressor (Rev. 7)(updated)
  • Reactor Catalyst Change (Rev. 11)(updated)
  • Reactors (Rev. 14)(updated)
  • Towers (Rev. 17)(updated)
  • Waste Heat Boiler (Rev. 6)(updated)

eTaskMaker clients may now download the update from our downloads repository.