Turnaround Project Planning Primer

Impact of Extra (Added) Work to the Turnaround Scope

Extra work arising from inspections can significantly impact the overall turnaround scope.

To control the impact of the extra work, it should be defined, estimated and incorporated into the schedule so that progress can be reported against it. This will make the extra work visible and controllable. Some extra work may be revised on a daily basis, such as refractory work, which can grow after every inspection of the work in progress.

By incorporating the extra work into the original scope of work, its impact can be seen immediately, and communicated to management without delay, avoiding surprises at the end of the turnaround. This also gives management an opportunity to have a say in regards to adding more work while there is still time to act.

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The Turnaround Project Management Primer is an abridged version of the STO Management Handbook.

For further reading, we also recommend Joel Levitt’s Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages.