Turnaround Project Planning Primer

Turnaround Scope: Development of the Turnaround Work List

The turnaround work list should be prepared in sections, to make it easier to organize the work, as well as to facilitate review and modifications to the list.

The sections should follow the order of the list of ancillary equipment, such as towers, vessels, drums, fired heaters, heat exchangers, rotating equipment, piping, instruments and electrical, etc.

Sections for piping, instruments, electrical and miscellaneous work can describe all work which is not specifically associated with any of the major process equipment.

The work list should describe in sufficient detail the amount of work, both routine preparation as well as inspection and repairs. This will enable the planner to develop a good work scope.

Routine preparation work consists of required activities which are well-known or can be easily established before the turnaround starts. These activities include:

  • Erecting and dismantling scaffolding
  • Insulation removal and re-installation
  • Staging, mobilization and demobilization
  • Cutting blinds
  • Installing/removing blinds
  • Opening/closing manways
  • Installing/removing air movers
  • Installing/removing temporary lighting
  • Opening/closing of internal manways (trayways)
  • Equipment cleaning/decontamination
  • Initial equipment inspections
  • Hydrostatic testing, other tests

Non-routine activities include all repair/replacement work, including post-repair inspections, x-rays, hydrotests, stress relieving, etc. These should be included whenever a high probability exists that they will become necessary.

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The Turnaround Project Management Primer is an abridged version of the STO Management Handbook.

For further reading, we also recommend Joel Levitt’s Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages.